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Chauffeur-Service is a site owned by TPLH SASU:

11 avenue de la Révolution,
86000 Poitiers - FRANCE

Specialist of Road transport of passengers
License ID 2016 / 54 / 0000240

VAT ID: 34 820343622
Company ID (SIREN): 820343622

Beside you may find copies of our registration documents and authorizations.

(+33) - 06 95 64 01 57
The site is edited by an editorial team under the direction of Mr Pascal Léopold Hounkaptin, CEO of TPLH SASU.

The site is hosted by:
SARL au capital de 100000€
222 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert
63000 Clermont-Ferrand- FRANCE
Marque déposée INPI : 09 3 645 279
Siret : 510 909 80700024
RCS Clermont Ferrand

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