Chauffeur-Service - Mission & Valeurs

Who We Are?

Chaufeur-Service is provided by TPLH SASU.

TPLH SASU is a transport company based in Poitiers.
Our services are intended to companies, individuals and professionals. As well to the elderly and to people with disabilities.

Through "Chauffeur-Service", TPLH offers comprehensive transportation services and solutions in France and beyond.

Our operations are separated into 3 divisions:

  • alternative taxi services
  • private driver services
  • logistic services

Our core values, Safety, Respect and Loyalty are the basis of our unwavering dedication to customer service.

Basically, we develop public and private partnerships to offer the most efficient services to our customers.

You may depend on us in Staff Transportation, Operative Transportation, Executive Tour Coaches, Weddings, Parties and Special Events.
Thank You. - Pascal Léopold HOUNKPATIN - CEO


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